Wetland Restoration

Wetlands are another plant community that transitions into prairies, oak savannas and woodlands in southern Wisconsin. Wetland restoration is similar in many ways to prairie and oak savanna restoration, but also has some major differences.

The invasive species that invade wetlands are different from those found in prairies and oak savannas, except in a few cases. Reed Canary Grass, Purple Loosestrife and a number of woody species are the worst non-native invaders. 

In wetlands, ERS only uses herbicides that are developed to leave the water table quickly without hurting native grasses and sedges. They are usually more expensive, but when restoring an ecosystem considered the ″kidneys of our land″ it is important to be as gentle as possible.

Like prairies and oak-savannas, wetlands are fire-dependent, though they are burned less often than prairies and oak savannas.

Wetlands are often drained or ditched, so sometimes restoration involves heavy machinery like bulldozers. But, ERS can do most work on a low-tech, ecologically-principled approach.

A restored wetland can offer an inviting home to an array of birds, mammals, insects and other wildlife.

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